AVABAG avalanche backpacks with cartridges: repair and check-up service

Your avalanche backpack is a piece of emergency equipment and must function reliably and flawlessly in an emergency. That’s why regular regular check-ups are essential.

When is the check-up necessary?

The mechanical AVABAG avalanche system is designed for 20 activations with a cartridge and 100 practice activations without a cartridge. Every system that has been activated often must be subject to a complete check-up.

A comprehensive general service must be carried out not later than 5 years after the purchase date.

Each avalanche deployment can push the material to its limit and damage the AVABAG avalanche airbag. That’s why a comprehensive general service is essential after an avalanche deployment. After an avalanche, your AVABAG system and backpack must be checked by the manufacturer. Our product development teams also regularly check avalanche backpacks after they have been deployed in an avalanche so they can continue to improve our AVABAG avalanche backpacks.
Take your AVABAG avalanche backpack for a check-up to an ORTOVOX dealer near you.

When is the repair service necessary?

If you discover damage or wear and tear on your AVABAG avalanche backpack, it needs to be sent for repair.

How the check-up or repair service works

We want to offer you a quick, high-quality service for AVABAG avalanche backpacks with cartridges.  That’s why we’re providing you with the most important information about the service process here.

Please send the AVABAG avalanche backpack with the system but without the cartridge, because cartridges are classed as dangerous goods and must be handled separately when sending them by mail.

  • Contact your ORTOVOX dealer to send your AVABAG avalanche backpack for a check-up or repair service. Please note that this is only possible through an authorized dealer.
  • If your backpack is undamaged, simply send us the AVABAG avalanche airbag system so that you can continue to use your backpack. Instructions for removing the unit can be found in the operating instructions.
  • Please note that we cannot provide you a replacement or hire product for the duration of the repair or check-up.
  • Your AVABAG system has a serial number to ensure that the product you receive after the repair or check-up is the same product you sent in.

How long do the services take?

Your AVABAG avalanche backpack service will take around 2-3 weeks . Repairs may take longer.

Charges for a check-up or repair service

Regular check-up service:
€70 including sales tax plus shipping costs*
Check-up service after avalanche deployment:
€85 including sales tax plus shipping costs*
Repair service:
Costs depend on the amount of work required, plus shipping costs*

There will be no repair charge for warranty claims.

Please note:
Costs may vary according to the dealer’s location and the extent of the damage.

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AVABAG avalanche backpacks with cartridges: repair and check-up service