Connecting an avalanche transceiver to the ORTOVOX app



How to connect your DIRACT or DIRACT VOICE to your smartphone

  1. Download and install the ORTOVOX app on your smartphone by scanning the QR code or clicking one of these links:
    for iOS smartphones
    for Android smartphones

  2. Ensure that your smartphone’s Bluetooth function is activated.

  3. Turn off the avalanche transceiver.

  4. Activate your avalanche transceiver’s Bluetooth mode by simultaneously pressing the ON/OFF button on the back of the device and the  FLAG button on the front until the connection module appears on the display.

  5. Open the app and click on “Search devices” to search for the avalanche transceiver. Now connect your smartphone to your avalanche transceiver in the app.

You can see all the benefits of the ORTOVOX app here: ORTOVOX app: benefits & functions

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Connecting an avalanche transceiver to the ORTOVOX app