The correct way to store and care for your AVABAG avalanche backpack with cartridge!

General information

The AVABAG airbag system has been designed for 20 activations with a cartridge and 100 practice activations without a cartridge. If the system is activated more than intended, we recommend a complete check-up to ensure that it functions properly.

A comprehensive general service should be carried out no later than 5 years after the purchase date.

If you adhere to a regular maintenance schedule, carry out annual DIY checks and use the system and backpack correctly, the AVABAG system will have a maximum service life of 10 years.


Storing the AVABAG avalanche backpack

  • Store the AVABAG system in a dry place, out of the reach of children, and at room temperature (approx. 20°C)
  • Avoid direct sunlight (e.g. in a car) and ensure that the temperature range of -30° to 50°C is not exceeded
  • Check the weight of your AVABAG cartridge before each use, and regularly check the system for damage
  • For longer storage periods, we recommend the cartridge be stored separately from the system.
  • Once separated from the system, always store your AVABAG cartridge in its original packaging with its protective cap.

Cleaning recommendations

  • Only water should be used for cleaning the AVABAG system and backpack
  • Do not use solvents and aggressive cleaning agents
  • Always fully dry the AVABAG system at room temperature to prevent it icing up

Maintenance after use in an avalanche

Each avalanche deployment can push the material to its limit and damage the AVABAG avalanche airbag. That’s why a comprehensive general service is essential after an avalanche deployment. After an avalanche, your AVABAG system and backpack must be checked by the manufacturer. For this you should take your AVABAG system to your specialist dealer. Further information: AVABAG avalanche backpacks with cartridges: repair and check-up service

AVABAG avalanche airbag system check-up service

  • The service (subject to charge) includes an inspection of the entire AVABAG avalanche airbag.
  • For this, take your AVABAG backpack with the AVABAG system and cartridge to an authorized specialist AVABAG dealer, who you can find here: ORTOVOX dealer search


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The correct way to store and care for your AVABAG avalanche backpack with cartridge!