When is an inspection service necessary?

Avalanche backpacks must function perfectly in an emergency. That is why a regular inspection is necessary.

Your backpack should be checked by our service centre after 5 years from the date of purchase at the latest.

What should I do if the inspection date is already overdue?
If the inspection date for your avalanche backpack is already overdue, you should send your LiTRIC in for servicing as soon as possible. As described below, this can be done quickly and easily via your ORTOVOX customer account.

When is a repair service necessary?

If your Avabag LiTRIC is not working properly or repeatedly displays an error message, a repair is necessary.

Procedure for an Avabag LiTRIC service

Would you like to have your avalanche backpack checked or repaired by our service team? Here are the two options you have:

1. Order Avabag LiTRIC service online (recommended)
We recommend that you book the service yourself online by completing a service order in just a few steps via your ORTOVOX customer account and then sending the backpack to the address given. Please note the shipping instructions below.
Once we have received your backpack, we will carry out the service and keep you informed of the status by email. You can also check the current processing status in your customer account at any time. As soon as the service has been carried out, we will send you an invoice. We will only send your backpack back to you once this has been paid. You will then receive a detailed service report to download. You can find detailed instructions on how to book a service order here: Service orders: How to book your service online


Note: Shipping the Avabag LiTRIC safely The LiTRIC contains a lithium-ion battery, which is classified as dangerous goods. If you want to send more than 2 devices in one parcel, please affix the UN 3481 sticker measuring at least 12 x 11 cm to the outside of the parcel.


2. Avabag LiTRIC service via the specialised trade
You can return your rucksack to an ORTOVOX dealer near you. The dealer will take care of further processing and you can pick up your repaired and/or checked LiTRIC after the processing time. Simply use our dealer search to find a specialist dealer near you.


The service usually takes around 14 days. In the months of December to February, however, the duration can double due to the increased service volume.

To avoid long waiting times, we therefore recommend that you schedule your service order during the summer months.


Inspection service:

67.23 € plus VAT and shipping

Repair service

Small repair service (buckles, small parts etc.): 12,60 € plus VAT and shipping

Major repair service: (damaged fabric, handle replacement etc.) € 29.40 plus VAT and shipping


Please note: If you would like to have the service carried out by a specialist dealer, the prices may vary depending on the dealer's location. We therefore recommend that you check with the dealer or the country representative in advance.



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