Check-up and repair service for abs backpacks

Before the 2015/16 season, avalanche backpacks were sold with ABS M.A.S.S. units. From the 2016/17 season onwards, however, we have exclusively used our own AVABAG avalanche airbag system.

The ABS avalanche airbag system is a piece of emergency equipment, meaning a regular check-up is essential to ensure problem-free use in an emergency situation.

When is the check-up necessary? 

A general service check should be carried out on avalanche backpacks with ABS M.A.S.S. airbag systems EVERY 3 SEASONS

In addition, a check-up service is necessary in the following cases:

    Each avalanche deployment can push the material to its limit. Please note that damage to the equipment is not always visible and we therefore always recommend that the backpack, its system and the empty activation unit are checked.
    The storage advice in the operating instructions was not heeded.
    Material wear has been spotted on the M.A.S.S. unit.

We ask that you use the check-up service early IN THE SUMMER to ensure that your backpack is ready to use when you need it.

When is the repair service necessary?

A repair service is essential in the following cases:

  • The M.A.S.S. unit was activated without a screwed-on cartridge.
  • There is other damage to the M.A.S.S. unit.

How the service works

In General USA & Canada

It is important for us to provide a good and quick service. For this reason, we would like to provide you with some information about the service process for our ABS avalanche backpacks with M.A.S.S. units.

  1. Contact your ORTOVOX dealer to send your M.A.S.S. unit for the check-up or repair service. This is possible EXCLUSIVELY VIA AUTHORIZED DEALERS.
  2. If your backpack is undamaged, simply send us the M.A.S.S. unit so that you can continue to use your backpack. You can find details on how to remove it in the operating instructions.
  3. Please note that we cannot offer you a replacement or hire product for the duration of the repair/check-up.
  4. Your M.A.S.S. unit has a serial number. We can use this to ensure that the product you receive after repair/check-up is the exact product you sent in.

Duration of service

We wish to ensure that your M.A.S.S. unit is serviced and repaired perfectly to guarantee optimum performance. Because of these high quality requirements, we need slightly more time than usual. We ask for your understanding that the service can take AROUND 4–6 WEEKS.


Check-up Service:
75 € incl. sales tax + shipping costs
Repair service:
85 € incl. sales tax + shipping costs

Repair cots are not applicable if a claim under warranty is validated.

Depending on the location of the dealer, as well as the extent of the damage, the costs may vary. We recommend that you inquire about the costs directly with the dealer or with our national offices (outside Germany and Austria).



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Check-up and repair service for abs backpacks