Avalanche transceiver check-up or repair: Costs & how to

When is the check-up service necessary?

Avalanche transceivers need to function flawlessly in an emergency. That’s why they need regular check-ups.

Your device should be checked by our service point no later than 5 years after the date of purchase, and every 2 years after that.

What should I do if my check-up date is already overdue?
If the check-up date for your device is already overdue, you should send your device in for a service as soon as possible. As described below, this can be quickly and easily arranged through your ORTOVOX customer account.

Reminders for check-ups
When you switch off your DIRACT or DIRACT VOICE avalanche transceiver or connect it to the ORTOVOX app, the device will remind you of the next recommended check-up date. None of the other avalanche transceivers have a reminder function.

When is the repair service necessary?

If your avalanche transceiver isn’t working properly or is repeatedly showing an error message, it needs to be repaired.

What could prevent my product being repaired?

In some instances, a repair is not possible:

  • The device’s battery has leaked, no matter how old the device is.
  • Replacement parts may no longer be available for avalanche transceivers that are defective and more than 10 years old (based on the build year). In this case, a repair is not possible. We generally recommend that you exclusively use 3-antenna devices, which are equipped with our latest technology.
  • Severely damaged avalanche transceivers with irreparable damage.

How an avalanche transceiver service works

Would you like to have your avalanche transceiver checked, repaired or updated by our service team? Here are your 2 options:

  1. Arrange an avalanche transceiver service online (recommended)
    We recommend booking the service yourself online. To do this, fill out a service request in your ORTOVOX customer account in just a few steps and then send your device to the address provided. Please note the information about shipping below.
    Once we have received your device, we will carry out the service and keep you up to date on the service status via email. You can also see the current status of your request in your customer account at any time. We will send you an invoice as soon as the service has been completed. Only when this has been paid will we send your avalanche transceiver back to you. Finally, you’ll receive a comprehensive service report to download. Detailed instructions on how to book a service request can be found here: Service requests: How to book a service online

    Note: safely shipping avalanche transceivers

    The DIRACT and DIRACT VOICE contain lithium-ion batteries, which are classed as dangerous goods. If you wish to send more than 2 in one package, please stick a UN 3481 label, at least 12x11 cm in size, on the outside of the package.

  2. Avalanche transceiver service through a specialist dealer

    You can take your device to an ORTOVOX dealer near you. The dealer will take care of the next steps and you can pick up your device once it has been repaired. To do this, simply use our dealer search to find a specialist dealer near you.


It normally takes around 14 days to service an avalanche transceiver. This time period may double between December and February due to the increase in service requests in these months..

We therefore recommend planning your service request for the summer months to avoid long waiting times.


Check-up service::
  €25,20 plus sales tax and shipping
Repair service:
€50,40 plus sales tax and shipping
Software updates
are free, only shipping is invoiced.

Please note:
If you choose to service through a retailer, prices may vary depending on the location of the retailer. Therefore, we recommend that you check with the dealer or national offices in advance.



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Avalanche transceiver check-up or repair: Costs & how to