Warranty and extension of the statutory warranty: all of the important information

We at ORTOVOX greatly value quality and exclusively use high-quality raw materials for our products. Every product goes through multiple stages of quality control to ensure that we can provide our customers with the highest possible quality.

We rely upon the unique qualities of the natural products merino and virgin wool, which require particular care due to their material characteristics. We therefore recommend that you handle these materials carefully and strictly observe the wash and care recommendations to ensure the longevity of your product.


The STATUTORY WARRANTY OF 2 YEARS (24 months) upon presentation of the dealer invoice / purchase receipt applies.

SECOND HAND PRODUCTS that you have purchased from the ORTOVOX SECOND LIFE SHOP are an EXCEPTION to this policy: In this case, a statutory warranty of 1 year (12 months) applies. The authoritative date is deemed to be the date on the original purchase receipt.

Please note that certain damage is EXCLUDED from the warranty. This includes damage caused by accidents, incorrect use, normal wear and tear, damage caused by fire, sharp edges (such as crampons, rocks, skis, etc.) and fading of colors caused by extended UV radiation or pilling.

To maintain your warranty entitlement, we recommend that you MAKE NO ALTERATIONS to the products.

Replacement parts and repair service

In the event that, despite our high quality standards and your careful handling of the product, you experience a material or manufacturing fault, we at ORTOVOX provide a repair and replacement parts service. The service is FREE OF CHARGE for products that are subject to our STATUTORY WARRANTY or our ADDITIONAL WARRANTY* and were either purchased through an authorized ORTOVOX dealer or directly from us. You can find all the necessary steps for making a CLAIM here: "Claims-What to do?"

For cases that are OUT OF WARRANTY you can submit a request for the product to be repaired (SUBJECT TO CHARGE) using our contact form. We want to ensure that you enjoy your ORTOVOX product for a long time and are available to answer any questions you may have. You can find more information about repairs that are subject to cost here: Repairs out of warranty, for example due to personal fault

*For selected products we offer an additional warranty that you can access by registering your product.

Extension of the statutory warranty: Extending the warranty by registering the product

We provide a 2-year statutory warranty on our products. We offer an additional 3-year warranty upon registration of the LiTRIC SYSTEM* and selected avalanche transceivers. Therefore, online registration takes the total warranty period to 5 years from the date of purchase (please keep your purchase receipt). You can register your products in your ORTOVOX customer account.

Under the additional ORTOVOX warranty, defective parts will be repaired free of charge or avalanche transceivers will be exchanged for an identical model. Upon exchange, the replaced avalanche transceivers or product parts become our property. Damage caused by improper use and normal wear and tear is excluded from the warranty. Batteries are not covered by the warranty. An extended warranty is expressly excluded in the event of consequential damages. Warranty services rendered or planned neither extend the warranty period nor suspend the warranty, nor do they start a new warranty period.

Please also note our specific warranty agreements for each product.

*The warranty / extension of the statutory warranty applies to these products:

** Once you’ve registered, we’ll also extend the warranty for your LiTRIC system from 2 years to 5 years. The LiTRIC backpack is excluded from any warranty extensions. The warranty does not cover the battery, charging cable or defects caused by improper handling or regular wear and tear.

Note on the extension of the statutory warranty:

Under the ORTOVOX extension of the statutory warranty, defective parts will be repaired free of charge or the avalanche transceiver will be exchanged for one of equal value. In this case, replaced parts or devices become our property. Damage due to improper handling or natural wear and tear is excluded from the warranty, as are batteries. There is no extension of the statutory warranty for consequential damages. Please note that warranty services rendered or planned neither extend the warranty period nor start a new warranty period.

Please feel free to contact us using our contact form should you have any other questions about the manufacturer warranty.


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Warranty and extension of the statutory warranty: all of the important information