ORTOVOX backpacks: water resistant or waterproof?


In general, our backpacks are WATER RESISTANT and not waterproof because the seams are not taped or welded and some use zippers that are not waterproof.

However, all our backpacks have coated fabrics that ensure a water column of at least 1500 mm. If the backpack is frequently used in heavy rain, we recommend the use of a rain cover to provide adequate protection.



Dry Backpack line: What "weatherproof" means

Our DRY backpack line are weatherproof and keep the inside dry even in the rain. The seams are welded and the outer material is waterproof, but rain can get in at the zippers. Therefore, we do not refer tot hem as waterproof but weatherproof backpacks. A rain cover is not required for normal rain, but we recommend using one during prolonged heavy rain.

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ORTOVOX backpacks: water resistant or waterproof?