How do I refresh a water repellent coating?

What is a DWR finish?

DWR stands for durable water repellent, which means that when used as a coating on the outside of a textile, it repels water so that the material doesn’t become soaked through.

How can I refresh a DWR finish?

DWR wears off over time – which actually has no effect on how waterproof the textile in a membrane product is. But if the outer layer becomes soaked, it feels damp and it is more difficult for the water vapor inside to wick to the outside. Therefore, it is important to reapply the DWR from time to time in order to maintain its function.

  • Before applying DWR, wash the items using liquid wool-detergent on a wool wash cycle at 30°C and max. 400 RPM.
  • Make sure to use a PFC-free option when refreshing your DWR, because perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals are not biodegradable and thus accumulate in the body and the environment.
  • DWR can be sprayed on or washed in. We do not advise wash-in products as they can also coat the inside of the items and thus prevent them absorbing moisture.
  • Spray-on DWR should be applied to the outside only and be activated by applying heat. Avoid using a clothes dryer to apply heat. We recommend first leaving the item to dry on a hanger. Before it dries completely, simply iron your textile on a low heat with a towel in between. Alternatively, you could blow-dry your item using a hairdryer. But make sure not to get too close to the material!

Please do NOT send ORTOVOX products to the dry cleaners for DWR coating.

More detailed tips on how to wash and care for your products can be found in the ProtACT Lab.


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How do I refresh a water repellent coating?