Useful information about your avalanche transceiver’s battery

DIRACT & DIRACT VOICE avalanche transceivers

What kind of battery do they use?
The DIRACT and DIRACT VOICE contain a lithium-ion battery, which remains very efficient at low temperatures (down to -20°C).

Charging the battery: what to be aware of
To charge your DIRACT or DIRACT VOICE avalanche transceiver, use the supplied USB-C charging cable and charge it either via a power source such as a laptop, or via a socket using a separate USB wall charger. Unplug it from the power source as soon as it is charged.

Please note
The battery cannot be charged in temperatures below 0°C.

To optimize battery performance, avoid frequently charging for short periods; e.g. only charge the device when the battery is below 80%.

Effect of the battery charge on reach
A low battery has no effect on the avalanche transceiver’s search reach. However, we generally recommend that you recharge the battery when it is down to 40%!

Durability and service life of a lithium ion battery
The DIRACT and DIRACT voice avalanche transceivers both have a long service life, and this includes the batteries. However, to ensure that the device functions properly, it should be sent to the ORTOVOX service point for regular check-ups in accordance with the guidelines.
The next check-up date is shown when switching off the DIRACT or DIRACT VOICE. If the “Battery service necessary” message is displayed, the device must be sent to the service point for a check-up to ensure the optimum service life.

Long-term storage of avalanche transceivers
If you store your DIRACT or DIRACT VOICE for a long time (e.g. over the summer months), you should ensure your keep it in a dry place at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Ensure the battery is fully charged (100%) before storing it away. To maintain the best possible battery performance, charge your DIRACT or DIRACT VOICE to 100% after 10 months at the very latest.

When taking the DIRACT or DIRACT VOICE avalanche transceiver on a flight, its integrated lithium-ion battery means the device will be treated like a smartphone or e-book and can be taken on the plane as a personal device. However, we recommend checking with the airline in advance.



3+, Zoom+ and S1+ avalanche transceivers

Suitable batteries for the 3+, Zoom+ and S1+ models
Only use ALKALINE batteries for the 3+, ZOOM+ und S1+ models.
Please note that these models are not designed for use with rechargeable batteries. A reliable display of the battery function cannot be guaranteed if rechargeable batteries are used.

Effect of the battery charge on reach
The reach of the 3+, ZOOM+ and S1+ will not decrease as long as the battery is above 50% charge. However, we urgently recommend you replace the batteries when the battery level falls below 50%.

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Useful information about your avalanche transceiver’s battery