Check-up service, warranty, registering your AVABAG LiTRIC


LiTRIC Avalanche Backpack: Important Steps for Safety and Longevity


After purchasing your LiTRIC Avalanche Backpack, there are several crucial steps and services to ensure your safety and extend the lifespan of your backpack. Here's all the information you need:


1. Register Your LiTRIC Avalanche Airbag System:

Voluntarily register your LiTRIC Avalanche Airbag System through your ORTOVOX customer account. By registering, you'll not only receive important safety-related information from us but also an extension of the statutory warranty by 3 years. This means the total warranty period for your LiTRIC Airbag System is 5 years! Please note that this extension applies only to the electronic LiTRIC Airbag System, not to the backpack. Learn how to register your LiTRIC Avalanche Airbag System here.


2. Inspection Service:

Your AVABAG LiTRIC Avalanche Airbag is designed for 50 deployments. After these 50 deployments, it's crucial to have an inspection service carried out by the manufacturer. If no inspection service is performed, the LiTRIC Avalanche Airbag should not be used anymore. A paid inspection service, covering the entire AVABAG LiTRIC Avalanche Airbag, is necessary within 5 years from the purchase date.


3. Maintenance After Avalanche Deployment:

After an avalanche deployment, your LiTRIC Avalanche Airbag might have incurred damage. Therefore, it's essential to have an inspection service to ensure your backpack continues to function reliably.


4. Annual Condition Check:

The LiTRIC System is largely maintenance-free, but an annual condition check is important:

  • Perform at least one airbag deployment annually for testing and training purposes.
  • Ensure the inflated airbag remains fully filled for at least 3 minutes.
  • Inspect the airbag for any damages and pack it back properly.
  • Ensure the entire LiTRIC System is completely dry during storage.
  • Regularly inspect the backpack for potential damages.

By following these steps, you're not only ensuring your safety but also guaranteeing that your LiTRIC Avalanche Backpack will accompany you through many adventures. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime!

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Check-up service, warranty, registering your AVABAG LiTRIC