Airplane travel with an ORTOVOX avalanche backpack

Want to travel with your ORTOVOX avalanche backpack? Here is all the information you’ll need to consider when travelling by plane.



ORTOVOX avalanche backpacks with cartridges


Note: :
Please note that both the ORTOVOX AVABAG avalanche backpack and the ORTOVOX ABS avalanche backpack have a cartridge system. Therefore, the information below applies to both backpack models.

Because the AVABAG cartridge (or ABS cartridge) is filled with pressurized gas, the ORTOVOX AVABAG avalanche airbag and ORTOVOX ABS avalanche airbags are classed as “dangerous goods” by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

However, there is a list of certain products that are authorized by IATA, and our avalanche airbag is included in this list. Every IATA member airline knows this list and can allow the backpack to be transported.

So although IATA authorizes the transportation of AVABAG backpacks or ABS backpacks with cartridge systems, it is still necessary to get authorization from the airline. Therefore, it is important to inform the airline before booking and provide them with the extract from the IATA table as well as the data sheet for the cartridge. These documents are available to download at the bottom of this passage. However, please note that an airline may still set stricter rules even if it is an IATA member. We therefore recommend finding out what the rules are and getting authorization from the airline before booking your flight. Permission to transport an avalanche backpack on a plane is not guaranteed!

Exception: travel to the USA or Canada

Travel to the USA or Canada is an exception to this rule. There, filled pressurized gas cartridges for avalanche airbags are not permitted in an aircraft – without exception. Therefore, we recommend flying without a cartridge and renting one locally. For this reason, please inform yourself in advance about rental options at the local retailer. Our contact persons in our country offices will be happy to help you.

PDF downloads:

Our recommendation for safe transportation

Our recommendations for safely transporting your ORTOVOX avalanche backpack with a cartridge on an airplane are as follows:

  • Get written permission from the airline (as described above).
  • Remove the cartridge from the system.
  • It is very important to put the cartridge along with the ORTOVOX AVABAG in your hold luggage. If you transport the cartridge separately from the AVABAG avalanche backpack, the cartridge might be taken away.
  • Pack a print-out of the IATA table with your backpack and cartridge.
    This is the only way to ensure that the connection between the cartridge and the backpack will be clear to airport staff.




ORTOVOX avalanche backpacks with an electronic system


General travel recommendations:

  • Before transporting the LiTRIC system it must be switched off and the entire LiTRIC avalanche airbag must be secured against accidental activation (you can find how to do this in the instruction manual).
  • No transport documents are required for travelling with the LiTRIC avalanche airbag.
  • Because the LiTRIC system is battery operated, the warnings (see point 1 of the instruction manual) must be observed before transport!
  • Prior to traveling, it is also advisable to familiarize yourself with local requirements for taking the backpack on public transport.

Travelling by airplane:

The LiTRIC avalanche airbag is designed to be used as personal protective equipment (PPE) and not as a luggage item. Classified as an electronic device powered by a fixed lithium-ion battery:

  • Nominal capacity of the lithium-ion battery: 3.7V / 2000mAh / 7.4Wh
  • Capacitor energy storage capacity: <0.3Wh
  • For personal use of the LiTRIC avalanche airbag, no transport documents are required for air travel and carriage in the aircraft.

The travel and transport requirements of individual airlines and countries can vary and could be subject to additional requirements or limitations. We therefore strongly recommended that, before starting your journey, you contact the respective airline to find out about their travel regulations for carry-ons, as well as the country-specific entry and exit regulations.

If you have any other questions about how to safely and legally transport your ORTOVOX avalanche backpack on an airplane, please contact us using our contact form.


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Airplane travel with an ORTOVOX avalanche backpack