Refilling AVABAG cartridges and checking the fill level

To ensure that your AVABAG avalanche backpack is reliably ready to use, the cartridge should always be completely full. Therefore, the AVABAG cartridge’s fill level must be regularly checked.

Checking the fill level of the cartridge

To do this, weigh your AVABAG cartridge without its protective cap. The weight must correspond to the weight specified on the AVABAG cartridge (+/-5g / 0.18oz). The cartridge must be replaced if the weight exceeds 5g above or below the specified value.

If the AVABAG cartridge is not correctly filled, the AVABAG avalanche airbag might not activate!

More information can be found in the instruction manual.

How to refill cartridges

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In the USA, you can easily replace your cartridge by taking it to one of our refill centers. Find the closest here: Refill Center Overview

Please don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form should you need help or have any other questions about replacing your AVABAG avalanche backpack cartridge.

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Refilling AVABAG cartridges and checking the fill level