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Where are ORTOVOX’s avalanche transceivers made?

Our avalanche transceivers are made in Bavaria, South Germany.

Which frequency do ORTOVOX avalanche transceivers use to transmit and receive signals?

All avalanche transceivers around the globe transmit on 457kHz, no matter who they are made by.

Do avalanche transceivers emit rays that could interfere with, for example, a pacemaker (or vice versa)?

Our devices do not interfere with pacemakers. On the other hand, pacemakers could interfere with the device, so we recommend operating your avalanche transceiver with your right hand (away from your heart).


What is the difference between the DIRACT and the DIRACT VOICE?
The DIRACT VOICE helps you during your search by providing voice commands. This saves valuable seconds in a stressful situation. The DIRACT does not have voice navigation. The two devices are otherwise identical.
Is it possible to upgrade from a DIRACT to a DIRACT VOICE?

No. Upgrading from DIRACT to DIRACT VOICE is not possible.

What languages are available on the DIRACT VOICE?
The following languages are available: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Czech, Swedish and Dutch.
Can the DIRACT or DIRACT VOICE be found using a RECCO receiver?
A RECCO reflector is integrated into the carrying case of a DIRACT or DIRACT VOICE, meaning the device can be found using a RECCO receiver.
How do I get software update 2.1 for the DIRACT or DIRACT VOICE?
You can use the ORTOVOX app (iOS and Android) to run software update 2.1 for the DIRACT and DIRACT VOICE free of charge. To do this, the device must be registered in the ORTOVOX customer account under “Registered products” or directly in the ORTOVOX app. This will be displayed in the app as soon as the device is paired with the app and a software update is available. More information about software version 2.1 can be found under the following link: AVALANCHE TRANSCEIVERS: SOFTWARE VERSIONS AND UPDATES
Can the software update 2.1 be run via a dealer or the ORTOVOX service point?
No. Because users can run software update 2.1 themselves free of charge using the ORTOVOX app, it is not possible to have the DIRACT or DIRACT VOICE updated via a service request to a dealer or our ORTOVOX service point.
What happens if an avalanche transceiver with an older software version is sent to the ORTOVOX service point for a check-up or repair?  
In this case, the ORTOVOX service point will automatically run software update 2.1 as part of the check-up service.  
Does the software update 2.1 affect both DIRACT and DIRACT VOICE?
Yes, software update 2.1 is available for the DIRACT and DIRACT VOICE.
How can I tell which software version is on my device?
The current software version is displayed as soon as the device is switched off. The final display before shutdown shows the remaining battery capacity, the next service date and the current software version.
How do I know if a newer software version is available? 
We regularly inform users about the latest software version in our Online Help Center. In addition, the ORTOVOX app automatically displays a message as soon as an avalanche transceiver is paired with it. You can also check whether a software update is available in the “Config.” tab under “Update”.   
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