You can book these services via a service order

You can book yourself a service via your customer account.

We currently offer the following services

    Your avalanche transceiver is not working properly or is repeatedly displaying an error message. Send your device to the specified address in the service order and we will make sure that the device works properly again.

    Please Note:
    If the battery has leaked or the device is an old model, we cannot always repair it. More info: What might prevent my product being repaired?

  • CHECK:
    We recommend that you have us carry out your first avalanche transceiver check after 5 years, and every 2 years after that. A comprehensive general service must also be carried out on your AVABAG system no later than 5 years after the purchase date or straight after an avalanche.

    More information: Avalanche transceiver check-up or repair: Costs & how to

    Would you like to have your avalanche transceivers updated to the most recent software? If so, book this update!

    With our DIRACT and DIRACT VOICE avalanche transceivers you can you can easily install the update by yourself via the ORTOVOX App.

    More information: Avalanche transceivers: software versions and updates.

We are currently working on expanding our range of services for you. Stay tuned.

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You can book these services via a service order